• Meat Alternatives

    We use 100% plant-based, certified organic/BIO ingredients to make our meat alternatives. Each product is created from a mix of select grains, beans, and wheat protein to create a complete protein mix with high-protein content and the best flavour and texture while remaining a truly Clean-Label Vegan Alternative.

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  • Egg Alternatives

    With our extensive research of grains, legumes, and vegetable protiens, we carefully select plant-based ingredients to meet the demands of the egg in various cooking applications. We have created highly versatile, unique and user-friendly egg alternatives that are 100% vegan, certified organic/BIO, and clean-label.

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  • Cheese Alternatives

    By mixing consciously selected plant-based, organic/BIO ingredients with methods and flavours from the cheese-loving countries of the western hemisphere; We create high-quality, clean-label vegan cheese alternatives for flavour toppings and creamy sauces.

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